Five reasons cyber security is more important than ever

The threat of cybercrime to businesses is rising fast. According to one estimate, by McAfee, the damages associated with cybercrime now stands at over $400 billion, up from $250 billion two years ago, with the costs incurred by UK business also running in the billions. In a bid to stave off e-criminals, organisations are increasingly investing in ramping up their digital frontiers and security protocols, however, many are still put off by the costs, or by the bewildering range of tools and services available. Five reasons why investing in cyber security is a sensible decision to make.

Why is Computer Forensics Important to your Organisation?


In today’s fast paced world, organisations have to rely more and more heavily on technology to remain competitive. Customers have come to expect organisations to have an online presence with professional looking websites, be able to respond quickly to online enquiries, have online chat functionality and have the ability to order online. 

6 Ways Litigation Support Makes Attorneys Better

Litigation support delivers a real boost to your firm’s productivity enabling attorneys to focus on delivering great legal work.

When lawyers have access to great technology support, it helps win new clients, deliver strategic advantages in litigation, and ultimately can add to a firm’s bottom line.

For smaller firms, litigation support is a force multiplier, providing sets of capabilities across the litigation lifecycle for larger clients with higher exposure litigation. So let’s take a look at litigation support and unpack its components.