Forensics Investigative Services - What are they?

Computer forensics services are commonly employed by law enforcement and legal professionals hoping to gain a deeper understanding of the activities, psychology, and motivations of an individual by analyzing the data stored on a computer(s). Using the same principles pioneered in other forensics sciences, digital forensics examiners analyze the digital artifacts (pictures, documents, emails, web browser history, etc.) stored within a desktop or laptop computer. These digital artifacts can have a profound impact on the outcome of criminal and civil litigation, either on their own, or when coupled with other pieces of evidence gathered during an investigation.

Areas of Application

Human Resources or Employment Disputes

In the digital age, the majority of business is conducted on a computer. Likewise, a good portion of employee misconduct can also occur on an employee’s computer. When an employee is accused of inappropriate conduct over email or through Internet use, a computer forensic investigation may be necessary to assess the full scope of the incident.Other cases that require computer forensics may involve disgruntled employees intentionally deleting data or sabotaging systems or equipment.  Computer forensic investigations can retrieve maliciously deleted data and trace the activity of the employee behind the incident for any necessary legal recourse.

Criminal Investigations
Regulatory Compliance
Employee Theft & Ex-filtration

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